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“If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales.”
― Albert Einstein ―

A Simple Seagrass

A Simple Seagrass encourages children to explore the interesting world of seagrasses and learn how valuable they are in helping to maintaining clean and healthy oceans. Beautiful illustrations depict the myriad of sea creatures and mammals, that depend on seagrasses for food, shelter and safety. This book helps children understand how seagrasses form part of larger ecosystems such as estuaries, lagoons and back reefs. A Simple Seagrass is encouraging and hopeful. Even though pollution and human activity are destroying seagrass meadows, restoration projects such as the ones outlined in this book, are providing solutions.

A Simple Seagrass invites children to go green by participating in Bay grasses in classes, a program that teaches kids to grow and replant seagrasses within their own communities. This book is filled with fun, easy to understand facts. It will delight and captivate young children and help them navigate a world of changing climate. This is the perfect green book for parents wanting to teach their kids the importance of protecting the environment. It is the perfect addition to every classroom and library.



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